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Scripts d'automatisation pour FreeBSD

Testés avec FreeBSD 11/12/13


Installation d'un environnement graphique XFCE complet pour FreeBSD.

Needs :

  • Only a fresh Install of FreeBSD (as VM on VirtualBox)
  • No user needed, only root
  • curl installed : pkg install curl

Tasks :

  • Creating user + adding to sudo
  • Xorg / XFCE + Configuration
  • SLiM : Simple Login Manager
  • VirtualBox guest tools
  • Xorg localisation and keyboard : Only french at this moment
  • Configuring /etc/rc.conf
  • Installing some usefull stuff : vim, wget, fish shell ...

Execution :

curl -fsSSL https://git.aumont.fr/mathieu/FreeBSDToolBox/raw/branch/master/freebsd-xfce-autoinstall.sh > freebsd-xfce-autoinstall.sh

chmod o+x freebsd-xfce-autoinstall.sh


Reboot and login with your previously created user.

You can now execute freebsd-xfce-postinstall.sh


Install the ""last"" version of following HTTP(s) Stack, compiling (can be long in old CPU):

  • Nginx last version with LibreSSL HTTPS implementation.
  • LibreSSL SSL/TLS Stack implementation for HTTPS Support.
  • Naxsi for traffic analysing.
  • Auto Hardening Nginx configuration.

Needs :

  • A FreeBSD jails with root access + Internet
  • bash

Todo :

  • DL Compile et install PHP 7.x from sources with hardening.
  • Create Let's encrypt Certificate with py-36certbot